The moment when you realise that not attending the final school picnic, sacrificing some sleep to complete that one extra important chapter were worth it, is when you relish and appreciate the subtleness with which the campus of NIT Rourkela mingles with nature. The sprawling main gate invites the commendation of the tireless days and sleepless nights of 2 years with an assurance of the upcoming years to be full of moments to adore forever in the beatific view of the campus.


The commodious campus size of NIT Rourkela makes it the second largest in terms of area covered in the whole country. The largest NIT of India treasures a rich history of 58 years of establishment. The infrastructure here boasts of some of the finest architectural works in the city. The BBA auditorium marks the first imprint upon the students of NIT Rourkela.

 The main building is almost synonymous to the grandeur which NIT Rourkela possesses. The Lecture Hall Complex provides all the amenities for the academics of the NITRKL JANTA, as the students are often addressed as. The newly built Golden Jubilee Building acts as an innervation to the already splendorous infrastructure of the institution.

 The campus has proper medical facilities in case of any health problem for the students staying inside the campus far away from home. There are two health care centres inside the campus having their respective doctors and ambulance services. Also, the medicine store is opened 24*7 for the well-being of the students.

Situated in the 3rd largest Urban Agglomeration in Odisha, Rourkela represents the true definition of a planned city. With exuberant greenery and meticulous work of the cleaning staff, pollution is not an issue for the students and thus it grants the assurance of a healthy campus life.

Connectivity facilities are quite decent, although Rourkela lacks a proper functioning airport. The bus stand and the railway station are respectively around 2 and 5 km away from the campus, which is not an ordeal to cover given the availability of a large number of autorickshaws and cabs in and around the campus. Within the campus, the students commute with the help of their respective bicycles.


NIT Rourkela is one of the premier institutions of the country and rankings provide strong evidences in favour of the fact.

RankingsRanks achieved
Times World-2020801-1000
Times Asia-2020190
NIT Rourkela Ranking

 Currently, NIT Rourkela is the 3rd ranked NIT in the country and the best ranked institution in the state of Odisha.


  Branch Quota   Cutoff
Bio Medical engineeringHS OS55562 : 35662
BiotechnologyHS OS53195 : 30834
Ceramic engineeringHS OS51016 : 36081
Chemical engineeringHS OS30308 : 18067
Civil engineeringHS OS27403 : 17939
Computer science and engineeringHS   OS10349 : 4115
Electrical engineeringHS OS21534 : 9875
Electronics and communication engineeringHS   OS12594 : 5674
Electronics and instrumentation engineeringHS   OS22859 : 12339
Food process engineeringHS OS56763 : 37051
Industrial designHS OS46175 : 31484
Mechanical engineeringHS OS21464 : 11825
Metallurgical and materials engineering HS  OS32750 : 24313
Mining engineeringHS OS42573 : 30004
JOSAA 2019 final round cutoff


Hostels in NIT Rourkela are termed as the Hall of Residences. There are 10 of them on the campus, named after renowned personalities of the country. First-year students accommodate in the M. Visvesvaraya and GD Birla Hall of Residences. All of them are well equipped with proper basic facilities. They are well maintained by the staff which oversees the respective Hall of Residences.

All the hostel rooms have Lan connectivity, though with restricted timings of internet usage, to enable the inmates to avail the internet facilities. Apart from the hostel rooms the students can avail the internet facilities in the library and in the department buildings, through wi-fi facilities.

Mess food in Hall of Residences is much better than the expectation from the point of view of most of the inmates. However as is the norm, we should not expect home cooked food in any mess, anywhere in the world. Non vegetarians, generally relish the menu provided in the mess. The Hall of Residences have the in-time restrictions for the first-year students to provide them security in an entirely new atmosphere. However, they are relaxed for the inmates of the subsequent years.


A gargantuan campus, immense greenery, calm, peaceful, tranquil surrounding, away from the rush of city life calls for the campus life to savour forever. Nothing beats the slow walk around the campus in chilly winter, seemingly having a one to one appointment with the trees in the lap of nature.

Moreover, a vibrant club culture paves way for the perfect ambience of an enjoyable campus life. Stationery shops, saloon, several restaurants, night canteens and stupendous sporting provision provide the prerequisites to get through the unceasing constraints of academic stress and to fulfil the basic needs of the students.

The famous hangouts places of NIT Rourkela include the LA lawns, SAC gallery and the quaint banyan tree in thecentre of the academic area. Barring the campus, the spots for amusement in and around the city include the Khandadhara waterfall, Hanuman Vatika, Vedvyas Temple and Darjing. Although the city of Rourkela does not define the mall culture to the fullest, still great friends, aesthetic campus view more than makes it up for the deficiency to provide a spectacular campus life. 


Academics are given utmost importance by the administration of NIT Rourkela. The institution has a very stringent attendance law for the students. Infringement of the existing attendance rules results in grade back and debarment from giving exams, eventually leading to lower grades. This in a way makes the students aware of the importance of scholastic grades in college life.

 Apart from the academics and attendance, the administration is also proactive in taking disciplinary actions for students who violate the prevailing rules of the institute such as anti-ragging rules, no bike in the campus rule, intentional damage to college property in hostel, classroom and labs, etc.


The robust and efficacious implementation of the above college rules results in a healthy relation between the seniors and juniors, bereft of harassment of the juniors which results in undue mental stress amongst them in an alien environment. Albeit there is a great sense of restraint in the cordiality in the association thanks to the heavy punishment in due, for not obeying the laws in place.


The faculty is very experienced with higher study degrees from the premier institutes of the country and abroad. The unabridged impartment of knowledge ensures a cordial relation amongst the student and teachers which is also possible due to the adequate ratio of it.

The classes are not overtly crowded and thus it aids in the effective communication and coordination amidst the faculty and students. A long history of establishment assists the structured academic curriculum in place and the presence of highly qualified faculty constructs a surreal abode of education in the institute.


To cater the academic needs of the large variant of students, the lecture hall complex provides the teaching and learning facilities. It consists of vast classrooms, which are maintained well in terms of security and cleanliness, large enough to accommodate the students.

The respective departments also have their classroom facilities where teaching learning process is carried out effectively. Recently, to facilitate the online learning procedure, Lecture Hall Complex-2 has been inaugurated.

There are 23 digital classrooms armoured with advanced technology to attenuate the hindrance in effective teaching process in the COVID-19 era.

 Apart from theoretical knowledge, practical application is also of great value in an engineering curriculum. The institution takes immense care to provide the indispensable hands on skills to the scholars. In order to do the same, the labs are equipped with modern facilities and equipment. They are spacious, well ventilated and thus adhere to the very purpose of their existence.

 Above all the student friendly lab assistants also provide the much-needed help and support in case of hurdles or difficulties. 


Apart from the academics, club activities are also an area of great strength and importance of NIT Rourkela. There are more than 50 clubs which provide required skill sets to the students which prepares them for the future in every domain possible. All the clubs have a structured approach for their induction and functioning.

The clubs are classified into technical and non-technical clubs and the students are free to join whichever club which interests them. Clubs ensure that the hidden abilities of the students are nurtured to the fullest.

Of all the clubs active in NIT Rourkela, the sports clubs do form a major part of them. There are clubs for all the major sports played across the nation and the facilities provided to the students for sporting events and practice makes the sports club culture even more vibrant. There are two stadiums present, one for hockey, football and the other for cricket.

Every Hall of Residence has a badminton court and common room well equipped with carrom board and table tennis facilities. There are basketball and lawn tennis courts as well in the campus. Apart from these NIT Rourkela owns a swimming pool which is one of its kind all over the country in any institution. The construction of a new indoor hall has also begun in the campus to elevate the already exemplary sporting facilities.


A number of fests are conducted every year,INNOVISION {Tech Fest}, Vriddhi {Sports Fest} and NITRUTSAV {Cultural Fest} to name the major ones. The major attraction of the fests is bot racing, bot fights and dancing robots in Innovision, celebration of sportsmanship and team spirit in different sports in Vriddhi and Fashionista, Footloose, Nukkad and the Celebrity Night in NITRUTSAV.

 These fests are accompanied by Roots and Techx, which are still in their nascent stages. Cosmopolitian festival is also conducted to celebrate the diversity of the institute.

 Also, the departments hold their respective fests, which are also a major sight of attraction for the students across different institutions. Apart from these the Garden Fests are also conducted for each of the Hall of Residences in every semester to provide a medium of recreation for the students.


Placements are the most important aspect of every engineering college. NIT Rourkela, being one of the top ranked NITs in the country, enjoys great placement statistics. Computer Science Engineering bags the cream of the best placement records amongst the plethora of branches offered by the institution with the highest package as high as 42 LPA. Several MNCs and PSUs recruit the bright minds of NIT RKL through campus placement.

 Some of the companies that recruit from the campus are Microsoft, Wipro, Amazon, Qualcomm, Intel, Nestle, Tata Steel, Larsen and Turbo, ExxonMobil, IOCL to name a few. The Training and Placement cell of NIT Rourkela is a methodical body to work out issues and options regarding the most significant objective of engineering graduates-Placements.


Having a history of establishment of well over half a century back, NIT Rourkela is bestowed with an extensive alumni network. The overseas alumni network is formally assembled under the NITROAA (NIT Rourkela Overseas Alumni Association). There have been numerous personalities to have graced the land of NIT Rourkela who later went to become integral part of the respective companies, governments.

 For an instance, recently Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, alumnus of the class of 1985, took charge as the chairman of IOCL.

CP Gurmani, alumnus of class of 1981, is the CEO and MD of Tech Mahindra.

Nalini Ranjan Mohanty, Padma Shri, alumnus of the class of 1965, is the former chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Rahul Shrivastava, IFS, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela, has been appointed the Indian Ambassador of Romania. These are a few of the many instances where the alumni of the institution have brought laurels to the nation and NIT Rourkela.

The alumni meet is also organised by the institute’s alumni relations cell to maintain a healthy college-alumni relation. This confirms the fact of the strong alumni network NIT Rourkela possesses. With the talent and quality of students’ pool remaining top notch over the years the alumni network continues grow stronger in various spheres and sectors of life and livelihood. 

Aspiration when collaborates with reality to suffice the threshold of knowledge, amusement and memories, no place can be deemed to be better than NIT Rourkela. Imparting wisdom for life and enriching the bastion of legacy for ages, NIT Rourkela stands apart and shines bright as one of the finest places to be in India as a student.

Thank you so much Tanmay Dalal for sharing your experience at NIT Rourkela and giving us a deeper insight about the college.

By Nikita Mahoviya

A B.Tech sophomore, pursuing Dual Degree in ECE at NIT Hamirpur. An empathetic person which helped me to evolve as a writer.

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