With the announcement of results of CBSE Board examination, we came across many bright scholars who outshine and made the nation proud. Among these young brilliant minds is Anurag Tiwari.

Anurag gave a spectacular performance by securing 98.2% marks in his examination, scoring 100 marks in Economics, 99 in political science and 97 in English. His lowest score was in mathematics, 95.

But the bigger win here is the fact that he has also secured a place in New York’s Cornell University, which is one of the eight Ivy League Universities in the US. With a 100% scholarship to his name, Anurag Tiwari is now waiting for his online classes at Cornell to begin from September 1.

It is extremely satisfying when someone’s years of hard work finally pays off, with the most favorable outcome possible. A farmer’s son from UP’s Lakhimpur Kheri is one such example.

Due to the pandemic that has shut everything down. Most American universities are currently holding virtual classes  Anurag’s result and admission to Cornell are massive wins for him.

Anurag’s village did not even have electricity for many years. But it didn’t prove to be a barrier in his success and all this was possible because of his self-motivation which drive him to keep moving forward winning overall challenges that came his way.

Son of farmer Kamlapati Tewari and homemaker Sangeeta Tewari, till class V Anurag attended a primary school in his village, Sarasan – 60 km from Lakhimpur town. In class Vl, Anurag passed the entrance test for admissions to VidyaGyam which is a rural leadership academy located in Sitapur. They handpick economically underprivileged meritorious students from rural UP.

Anurag plans to study economics and mathematics at Cornell. He told Times of India, “My decision to study humanities was questioned by many who felt it was not suitable for boys.”

Anurag started preparing for SAT when he was in Class XI — he scored 1370 marks out of 1600. Anurag applied to Cornell as an ‘Early Decision Applicant’ and got the call in December last year. 

Throughout the process, my school teachers helped me write the draft essays, preparing the projects. My essays were edited by senior counselors in Delhi who even helped me choose the colleges. When I reached my village after class XII, everyone looked at me with high regard,” he added.

People who didn’t know me earlier came to my house just to talk to me. It gives me happiness. I thought of making my son successful, but today he has made me a successful father. He taught me so much in all these years,” Kamlapati said.

By Nikita Mahoviya

A B.Tech sophomore, pursuing Dual Degree in ECE at NIT Hamirpur. An empathetic person which helped me to evolve as a writer.

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