From the start of this year, the whole world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, and each country is giving its best towards research and development for this global threat. Following this, efforts are also going on in SARDAR VALLABHBHAI NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SURAT to tackle the pandemic situation, and below are some of the notable researches that are going on by both, faculty members and students.

A pandemic can be won over with the resources of mother nature. Research work done by Mr. Seshu Vardhan, a research scholar of the Applied Chemistry Department, under the supervision of Dr. S K Sahoo, used computer simulations to search the targets from medicinal plant extracts and carried out missions to boost discovery against the pandemic. Their current results have shown that using phytochemicals (chemicals obtained from plant origin) show better binding with the proteins of the virus than the proven Hydroxychloroquine.        

Due to population issues and increasing cases in India, there has always been a shortage of resources, especially of protective devices, to fight the pandemic. To overcome the situation, Dr. Harshit Dave and Dr. Shailendra Kumar from Mechanical Engineering Department, on the call of Director Prof. S.R. Gandhi, developed 3-D printed, comfortable to wear a light face shield  (weighs 15 grams)  and face mask (weighs 70 grams)  with the support of their research scholars.

Ashish Prajapati, Swapnil Vyavahare, Ravi Teja Karumuri, Rahul Narkhede, and Labh Chand Dhakar. This team also developed ear guards, public toilet retrofit, door handle retrofit, etc. Over 700 face masks and face shields were distributed in the Surat city to the front line COVID-19 workers.

One of the effective ways to fight this pandemic is the sanitization of daily items and household things. For this, low-cost Sterilizer box yoUVen for sanitization of vegetable groceries and mobile phones, etc.   was developed by Research Scholar Akshay Jariwala and Dr. Vipul Kheraj, Associate Professor of Department of Applied Physics, SVNIT.

This device involved the combination of UV-C radiation and hot-air in an oven so that irregularly shaped groceries and other things can be thoroughly and adequately. Unlike the traditional sterilization method, which is not guaranteed to irradiance the virus from the surface, this box ensures that completely.

Helping the front-line workers and COVID-19 affected patients, Mr. Parth Shah research scholar at SVNIT Surat under the guidance of Prof S A Channiwala, CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow and workshop staff Shri Gajendra Panchal along with Mr. Gav Master and Mr. Shivdas developed automated trolley called ‘SARDAR AUTOMATED TROLLEY.

It has speaker arrangement for announcement and can be operated easily from a remote place using a smartphone. Covered with antiviral tulsi extract and treated with antibacterial chemicals, it is entirely safe to be used.  Dr. Ravi Kant Workshop in-Charge extended all his support.

To disinfect vehicles and on-campus ambulance, Mr. Kalpak Sagar and Nishant Shah, Research Scholars under the guidance of Dr. Hemant Mehta and Shri G J Panchal, with extended support of Dr. Ravi Kant (workshop in charge) and  Shri G J Panchal (in charge foreman at the workshop) constructed a disinfection tunnel at the main entrance of the college campus.

Furthermore, to offer contactless disinfection and sanitization, leading Workshop Staff Mr. Gajendra Panchal and support from research scholars Mr. Puneet Kumar and Himanshu Prajapati developed Foot-operated hand sanitizer along with mentor Dr. Ravi Kant.

The Students of Electronics Engineering Department of SVNIT Surat Kanchankumari, Pritesh Kethele, Shubham Pandey, under the guidance of Dr. Mrs. Upena D Dalal, designed home quarantine people tracking and alert message generation system which works in three stages.

The first stage has a modern OS-based wrist band that shares data like GPS location and body temperature of the patient through the cloud system after connecting to the mobile Bluetooth. Also, it creates Geo-location Fencing, which doesn’t allow the patient to cross particular territory and sends an alert message to the person using the tracker along with the exact location of the patient. In case the patient tries to remove the band, it creates a variation in the thermal data and, in turn, alerts will be sent to the tracking authorities.

In the second stage if a person decided to roam around and left the mobile phone in home intentionally, then at exit points of society UHF RFID reader will detect RFID tag and data will be transmitted to cloud using LinKit One microcontroller and after that alert will be sent to concern authority utilizing the cloud.

 In the third and final stage, if the person intentionally removed his/her wrist band and left the mobile phone in the home then Wi-Fi smart cloud camera will detect that person using face detection and if it matches true with the record of quarantine people then alert message will be sent to concern authority utilizing the cloud.  

In these harsh circumstances, it is also better to keep one’s health and immune system robust and strong enough to fight against the pandemic. Regarding this, Around 22 students under the guidance of Dr. K D Yadav, Dr. Krupesh Chavhan and Mrs. Dr. Shweta Shah under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan took part in various activities like:

  1. Webinar for Rhythmic breathing and Total Health improvement, and encouraging benefits of Yoga in this COVID-19 situation.
  2. To encourage youth, students participated in awareness photo making against the Corona.
  3. 10,000 cloth masks were stitched by village household working women, and for this purpose, the cloth was taken in donation from Surat Textile merchants Shri Kamal Pugalia Ji and Dr. Paresh Shah (Surgeon and Philanthropist). This made working village women earn some livelihood in the harsh times and, in turn, also created awareness amongst the villagers. This total contribution was made by UBA students/faculties and SVNIT’s chief medical officer  Dr. Sanjay Shah.

YOURDOST platform arranged a webinar on ‘Emotional Awareness in COVID-19’ for 300 students of SVNIT Surat.

To assist doctors in the identification of COVID-19 patients, Dr. J. Banerjee, who led ASHINE incubated students, Nikhil Vyas, Pratyush Gupta, Divya Shah, and Kishan Singh and Het Shah, developed software using AI, to carryout chest X-ray.

Around 100 litres of Hand Sanitizer was prepared by the research scholars Mr. Rushikesh and Mr. Yash under the able guidance of Dr. Jigisha Parikh, Dr. Meghal Desai, and Dr. S R Patel of the chemical engineering department. These were filed in small bottles and handed over to Health Centre Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sanjay Shah, which was further distributed to different places on-campus, and also to Dr. K D Yadav of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan for its distribution in villages.

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