My name is Monendra Kumar Mahilange, and I am from a small district of Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh. Being an average student in school, I scored 80% marks in my Matriculation, which made me a bit serious about my studies and the nearing future. This hard work brought me 93% in my Intermediate, and with my profuse hard work, I also cleared JEE Advanced but didn’t get the trait of my choice, so I dropped the idea of joining an IIT and made it to Civil in NIT Raipur. I became a Civil graduate in the year 2018 with CGPI of 9.06.

I started with my preparation ESE preparation in October of 2017 when I got to know that the age eligibility criteria is done away with. My preparation lasted for only two or two and a half months. ESE is not that easy that it can be cracked with the preparation of a few months.

Till that time, I was quite unaware of ESE and its preparation. I didn’t know the techniques of studying efficiently for it and various other factors. In my first attempt, I just fell short of 17 marks for clearing ESE prelims 2018. But this didn’t demotivate me, my seniors who were AIR 2 and 10 have always remained a source of inspiration, the spark to continue the marvelous record of NIT Raipur of producing IES officers consistently always inspired me.

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After being acquainted with ESE, I gave a kick to my preparation with a zeal to crack it. I strategized my studies and gave myself a break of five months in 2018 and started in May with zest. I figured out my strong and weak subjects and began to work upon my weak ones. I attended coaching to strengthen my weak topics.

I prepared handy-notes, which I used to revise at certain intervals of time to keep everything in touch with me. The essential part of cracking any exam is to solve previous years question papers and giving test series.

Everyone faces one or the other difficulty in reaching one’s goals, but these are the experiences that make you strong enough to withstand future problems.  There are times which make you feel low because you couldn’t complete the day’s goal or scored less than your expectation, but don’t give up because all days are not the same and keep moving with the same confidence with which you started.

Don’t judge your abilities with others as you might master at a particular objective, but some might not be having an idea of even beginning with it. Try to strengthen your strong points and improve upon your weak ones. Following this psychological technique, I scored well in my prelims, which boosted my confidence to work hard for the mains.

Back to back, I had distractions in my preparation. The period from January to February marked the wedding of my sister. Then I started to go back to my preparation phase with the same zest in March, but during that time, I began to get Vertigo followed by nausea and vomiting, which continued for two or two-and-a-half months. I didn’t get diagnosed myself for the initial period due to which I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Even sitting for 30 to 45 minutes brought the episodes of Vertigo.

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This proved to be a significant obstacle in my preparation. Where I had to devote 6 hours, I could only concentrate for 30 minutes. This condition started to break my confidence, and my dream was seeming to go very far from me. But I boosted up my confidence and fought with the problem and prepared, but through this, I could only devote 1 to 2 hours. Then a time came in May 2019 when I got diagnosed with the problem I got medicated soon. I started with the preparation and gave in my best.

My mains went average, but this didn’t stop me from giving in my best for the interview. I covered both Technical and Non-technical courses and current affairs. My interview phase went up to my expectation.

For all the UPSC aspiring candidates, I am attaching my interview transcript. This includes prominent questions like:-

Questionaire with Chairman Sir: –

  1. What does your name mean?
  2. What do your friends call you?
  3. Tell me about your academic qualifications?
    from there only I took those topics which I was familiar with  I told about my project“water tank.” So questions were asked from it too.
  4. What is the technical application of your project?
  5. how to decide the capacity of the water tank
  6. How to determine the height of the water tank
    I was not able to tell this one, but later on, it struck on the mind, and I answered later this ques. when asked by a technical member
  7. Difference between the water tank wall and any other wall

Questionaire with Technical Member 1:

  1. Have you studied the airport in your engineering
    1. What have you studied there
    2. What is the wind-rose diagram
    3. What is calm period ?
    4. For how much time a runway is functional in a year
      what is set back distance draw diagram.
    5. Can you measure sight distance
    6. What is sight distance
    7. What is the height of the object assumed?
    8. What is the height of the driver assumed?
    9. What is the difference between fly leveling and profile leveling
    10. How to measure the reduced level

 2. Instruments used for measuring that.
3. What is r/e wall in bridge .
4. Advantages of r/e wall over retaining walls?

Questionaire with Technical Sir 2
The questions asked were very complex (I can’t write exact words)

  1. He said relate the condition of. equilibrium with strain energy means in which condition u will have stable condition in case of minm strain energy or max etc.
  2. Tell me about only one most imp. difference between wsm and lsm.
  3. How the shapes are choosen for water tank
  4. For same volume which has min surface area
  5. Which water tank is best
  6. Then again height of water tank?
  7. What is virtual work method?
  8. What is virtual there ?
  9. Why we use this method in structural design.
  10. Do u know fck + 1.65 sigma? what does 1.65 means
  11. What is the percentage area in normal distribution curve when 1 sigma
  12. And what is 1.65 sigma then?

Questionaire with Technical Sir 3

  1. Have you studied about dam engineering.Tell me about failures of dam
  2. Tell about recent failure of dam in india
  3. Why free board level provided in case of dam
  4. Have this any relation fetch lenght and wind velocity.
  5. Have u visited any dam
  6. What is spillway
  7. Typed of spillwaysnn ogge spillway we perform the model simlitude studies
  8. Do u know nappe is provided
  9. Where is provided in ogee spillway
  10.  what is free board provided generally in dam.

The panel was very polite, and they gave hints to answer when they went deep on certain topics. The interview lasted for about 30-35 minutes.

I just want to conclude that in whatever condition you are,  just give in your best and results will come as you expected. Give your best, and never give up and keep growing.

Remember one thing; every individual is great in their way!!

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