The placement session for the academic session for 2019-2020 at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi concluded with setting a new milestone with above 1100 job offers, including the pre-placement offers from both national and international companies.

Around 85.6% of students, including both graduates and the post-graduates of the institute, got placed. The remaining number also faired well as they got into their startup or higher studies including maters and research programmes, some went for Civil services examination, and some got placed on their self as off-campus placement

The placement session brought fruitful result even in the pandemic. Over 430 firms offered job offers to above 600 candidatures. This was the scenario of the offline placement session. Now coming to the online session, around 100 students came out with flying colours getting respectable offers.

AreaPercentage (%) of candidates selected

Following their trend of success and analysing the scenario  Prof. S. Dharmaraja, Head, Office of Career Services (OCS), IIT Delhi said, “IIT Delhi has broken all previous year records of job placements. This year, it was observed that the number of placement offers increased by 4%. This became possible because of the teamwork, dynamic strategy and knowing the skills of students and the various profiles of core companies.”

 Ms Anishya O. Madan, Industrial Liaison Officer, OCS also concluded that “The efforts of the entire placement team including staff, student coordinators and volunteers coupled with industry players resulted in the seamless conduct of this season.”

By Nikita Mahoviya

A B.Tech sophomore, pursuing Dual Degree in ECE at NIT Hamirpur. An empathetic person which helped me to evolve as a writer.

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