One of the top MBA’s producing factories of our country, i.e., IIM Calcutta, has released its annual placement report for the MBA batch of 2020. According to this report, this year, there were about 148 recruiters who sifted through nearly 444 students who catered to their future needs. This class brought in diversity in gender and educational background. This 2020 class was divided across various sectors like Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Finance etc.

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Have a considerable look at the pie chart below to have some deep insight.

The numbers are a testimony to the trust and the expectations of the recruiters from IIM Calcutta of its great legacy and academic excellence year after year.

This year IIM Calcutta introduced the policy of ‘Dream’ and ‘Wait & Hold’, in a view to provide the recruiters and students with better opportunities. Under this policy, the MBA postgraduates had the opportunity to hold their offers and apply for other firms. According to IIM officials, they are in no mood to curb this policy for the upcoming year placements. They also said that they are committed round the year to refine the processes further to deliver on student and recruiter expectations.

Placement Statistics

  1. Among the 444 MBA’s there were 324 male candidates and 120 female candidates.

2. While most the applying students hailed from either 1-2 work year experience, the next in number were those who had 2+ years’ experience followed by those having little work experience and freshers.

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3. Now a days there is a trend of technical students moving to management field. The same can be acknowledged here. More than half of the students possessed either B.Tech or B.E. degree from prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs and BITS. Contrary on the other hand, those who possessed degree in commerce fields were very less in number.

4.PPO’s i.e. Pre Placement Offers were also granted to some students. The PPO’s are a proof that MBA freshman are equally talented and at par compared to final yearites.

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5. Final Placement

6. Owing to the legacy of IIM Calcutta and its growing standards over the year, this batch of 2020 has seen a surge in both Final placements and pre placement offers. The number of offers that has been made are also increasing over the year, given the fact the number of recruiters are also increasing.

7. CTC statistics

  1. Sector-wise Statistics
Prod. Man25.036
Gen. Man23.250
Sales & Marketing30.580
IT & Analytics23.135
*all figures in INR Lakh Per Annum

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