The current situation of lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in NITs rethink End-Sem exams. All NITs have shut down colleges, and it will need time to resume classes. MHRD, in a letter to NITs, asked the academic activities of the semester have to be completed in time, with minimum inconveniences to all students.

To plan for closing the even semester, including assessment, evaluation, and grading processes without requiring the presence of students on campus, the Senate has approved the following evaluation and grading system for the present even semester (2019 – 2020), which is conveyed to all students.

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Evaluation of Theory Courses:
The grading of the theory papers will be based on the following:

  1. The continuous evaluation (quiz tests, surprise tests, assignments, etc.) components already completed.
  2. The mid-semester examination
  3. An additional online quiz test and/or assignments on the remaining topics of the syllabus.
    Appropriate weightage for the online evaluation component(s) will be assigned and the total of the above three components will be scaled up to 100.

Evaluation of Lab Courses:
The grading of the lab courses will be based on the marks obtained in the continuous evaluation.
components that have been completed, scaled up to maximum of 100.
However, online assignments/tests may be conducted wherever possible.

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Note: If any of the student cannot appear for the online tests/assignments due to any genuine reasons like non-accessibility of internet connection, such student needs to send a mail to the Course Instructor stating the reason for his/her inability to take the online test and request for makeup test. On approval by Course Instructor and Head of the Department, he/she may be given opportunity to take the makeup test after he/she returns to the Institute later. The grades of such students will be finalised only then.

Evaluation of the Projects:
The grading of the projects, both UG and PG will be based on the evaluation of the project report submitted online, by the student on the work completed so far and the online project presentation by the student in front of the appropriate committee as per the respective institute regulations.

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Schedule for Completing the Grading Process:
i) DUGC/DPGC/DRPC Meeting and Final Grade Display: 26.06.2020
ii) Grades to Academic Section: 30.06.2020

Ph.D. comprehensive examination:
Will be conducted only after the students return to the institute campus and regular academic activities are resumed in the institute.

Additional Information:

  1. The process of uploading of course materials/slides/audio records by the faculty will be completed by June 5, 2020.
  2. The approved course evaluation plan will be communicated to the students who have registered in the course by the Course Instructor by May 25, 2020.
  3. The students (UG/PG) may submit the project reports to the Guide online. The project evaluation process will be completed well in advance of the dates specified for grade finalization.
    However, the PG students are permitted to submit the project report till 31 July 2020, if they want to complete their work and have provisions to do so.
  4. The students are requested to complete the course evaluation (Course Feedback) in IRIS by June 20, 2020.
  5. The makeup examinations will be conducted only after the students return to the Institute. The makeup test will have the same weightage as the weightage given for the online tests/assignments. The students who would have missed the online assignment/tests may also write the same makeup test. The time table for the makeup test will be announced later.

The above content is almost similar to the notice released by NIT Surathkal administration.

Notice attached here : Click to download

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