In view of the global pandemic COVID-19 and subsequent government orders for lockdown, the Senate held its 92nd meeting on 26-May-2020 to discuss on Guidelines to students for End semester examination Spring 2019-20 and has decided the following:

There shall be no End-semester examination for Spring 2019-20. The End semester marks for each theory subject (out of 50) will be awarded out of the following two alternatives,

whichever is higher:-
i) Sum of the TA (out of 20) and Mid-sem marks (out of 30).
ii) CGPA till the last semester minus 0.5 multiplied with 10 and then divided by 2 i.e {(CGPA -0.5) * 10} /

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This shall be applicable to students of all years and all programmes(except Executive PhD students). Executive PhD students are advised to remain in touch with their group emails/respective supervisor for regular updates.

2. Students who are not satisfied with their End-semester results, as per formula given in point 1, will be allowed to appear for Special End-semester exams, as an exception, with the following conditions:
i. The Special examination for End-semester will be conducted only after the Institute reopens.
ii. The marks secured in this exam will be final and will not be reverted back to the previous mark under any circumstances.

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3. There will be online examination for students who have missed the Mid-sem examination of Spring 2019-20 due to compelling reasons (like. Medical reason, family calamity etc)as per Academic Regulations. Their end semester marks will also be evaluated as per formula given in point 1. The concerned students should contact their respective subject teachers for the examination.

4. The practical/ laboratory subjects shall be evaluated based on continuous evaluation done till last class by scaling it up to 100.

5. Results for all students (except Executive PhD) will be published on 15th June 2020.

6. The Supplementary examination, 2020 (which was scheduled in June 2020) will be conducted after reopening of the Institute. There shall be no Summer courses in the Summer 2020. Students eligible (as per Institute regulations) for Summer course 2020 will also be allowed to sit in the Supplementary examination 2020.

7. The summer vacation for all students is hereby extended till 19th July 2020. Students who are not entitled for vacation must remain updated with our website/group email for notification regarding Institute reopening. Tentative date of registration for next semester i.e Autumn 2020-21 is 20th July 2020, subject to clearance from Government.

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8. Pre-final year students who are required to conduct Summer Internship in summer 2020 are hereby permitted to complete their internship by 31st December 2020(subject to availability of winter vacation for students) for a minimum duration of 4 weeks. The Summer internship will be evaluated in Spring 2020-21 i.e in final semester in place of pre-final semester.

NIT Rourkela becomes the 2nd NIT after NIT Kurukshetra to cancel EndSem exams for all. Many other NITs have cancelled endsem for final year students but not for all While Many NITs are conducting Endsem exam via online mode.

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