NIT Kurukshetra cancels end-sem exam. Evaluation to be done on the basis of internal Assessment and previous semester

NIT Kurukshetra on Thursday held a 58th SCSA online meeting through google Meet which was attended by 23 members. After all the discussion the administration came to a conclusion that was released on Friday late evening. We have tried to summarise as much as possible

I (For B.Tech. 8th Semester & MBA 4th Semester) :
1. Grading of the students for end/external semester examinations 50% marks on to be composite of the basis of the internal evaluation/ assessment marks on the basis performance and the remaining 50% in the previous semester (i.e., SGPA) only.
2. The students to be given full attendance from March 25th, 2o2o to April 24th, 2020. In case the actual attendance falls short of 75%, it is to be treated as 75 % so that no student is detained in the prevailing conditions.

3. Marks, as obtained in the first test/sessional to be considered for the second test/sessional. In case, a student has not appeared in the first test/sessional, the marks are to be awarded based on online/offline assignments, etc. for internal assessment. The benefit of assignments, etc. be also given to the students who have appeared in the first test/sessional by upscaling the marks in the first test/assessment.
4. The awards/results are to be submitted to Examination Cell by 1Oth June 2020.
5. The results may be declared by 30th June 2020.

II (Examination of intermediate Semesters of UG. P.G. and Ph.D. course work)
1. For Current semester grading = 50% internal +50 % last sem (in case prev sem grade not available, then its 100% internal)
2. Everyone will get attendance from March 25-April 24 (no student will be detained)
3. re-appear exam will also be held along with regular (meaning on the same basis, not physically)
4. Evaluation of the 6th sem intern period to be done through skype
5. pre synopsis for Ph.D. may also be conducted online.
6. The awards/results are to be submitted to Examination Cell by 30th June 2020.
P.S.: Marks obtained in the first sessional should also be considered for the second, And in case a student has not given the first sessional, then the assessment is done on an assignment basis. Advantage of assignments to be given to students who have given the first sessional by upscaling marks in first sessional

III. For Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2020-21
The odd semester of Academic Year 2020-21 may commence from August 01, 2020, except for fresh batch/students. However, the Academic calendar for the Academic Year 2020-21 will be notified later.

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