In this pandemic emergency due to Corona virus, the government had passed orders for a complete lockdown in the country. This country lockdown gave a huge setback to the lives of daily-wage workers, they lost their means of livelihood. They were the ones who had no other means to fulfil their family’s need. The government’s decisions to lockdown the country in the mid-night was a very tough one as they had no other choice keeping in view the exponential increase in the number of corona virus cases within a few days.

All shops, roads and means of transport were ceased. The helpless people with their luggage and kids without any food, water and money started to migrate from cities towards their village on foot. Seeing the high spirits of people, the government gave them assistance by offering special bus services. In some states the police department cooked food for them to make sure that no one sleeps with empty stomachs.

When the whole world is fighting against this deadly Corona virus, there are some who are fighting this war for others too. Among such revolutionary people offering self-less service we witnessed a budding engineer from NATIONAL INTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY HAMIRPUR, Mr. VIKAS KUMAR a 3rd year B.Tech undergraduate pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering and a resident of Kushinagar, Gorakhpur, UP. He observed the deteriorating condition of the workers nearby him which influenced him to do something for their betterment.

As charity begins at home, he with some of his peers thought of an idea to donate food items, soaps and masks and also to make the people aware of the pandemic that has such fatal effects. He shared this idea with his friends, alumni and teachers and they were quite supportive in his great deed. They funded him and many of his friends named Abhishek Kumar, Aakash Kumar, Satyam Tripathi, Shravan Kumar, Allaudin Ansari, Deepak, Pravesh and many of active people of his village joined him.

As a student he did everything that was possible from his side and the problems of funds was solved by seeking for fund-raising through ‘milaap’. Through this fund he was able to help 140 families in a village named Hafua. The food packets had a quantity which could last for around 10 days. The food items included were potatoes, onions, rice, wheat flour, pulses, edible oil, soya bean, salts, turmeric and biscuits. Apart from giving food items he and his team distributed soaps, hand sanitizers and masks and also made the people aware of social distancing and by following some simple rules and  having awareness we can give a tough fight to Corona virus.

Due to people’s awareness and support he was able to collect 70,000 INR through funding.  This time his distribution also had statistical studies about the families, their earning member etc. He increased the distribution range and went to 6 villages in the radius of 10 km. The distribution comprised of rice, wheat flour, edible oil, pulses, turmeric, salt, soya bean, biscuits, soap, detergent, hand sanitizers and masks to 255 families. He not only helped the village-mates but also the workers who were migrating from Delhi to Bihar by keeping provisions for them like biscuits and water.

This is not his first initiative to contribute to the nation but has done many. Last year he organised a cleanliness rally and tree plantation in his village and is an active volunteer of NSS. He has also worked with SCB (Save Child Beggar) to make people aware of the harm caused by plastic in Delhi. He is also a Noble Citizen Awardee, awarded by Social Development Minister of Nepal.

To help him do bigger we can donate a little which will definitely count big.

  • Virtual account name: ABHISHEK – Milaap
  • Account number: 2223330029899466
  • Bank name: RBL


UPI: rzpy.givetomlpabhishe0019@hdfcbank

By Nikita Mahoviya

A B.Tech sophomore, pursuing Dual Degree in ECE at NIT Hamirpur. An empathetic person which helped me to evolve as a writer.

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