The latest NIRF 2020 brought many changes in the ranks of various colleges. Some colleges climbed up high & some downgraded below expectation. This brought a sensation among the students and faculties as to know what is the root cause of it. One such example is the National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh.

The NIRF ranking was released on 11th June by hon’ble  MHRD  Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’  which saw an unexpected fall in the NIRF rank of NIT Hamirpur from 60th position in 2019 to 98th in 2020.

The rank of the institute was seeing a downfall since years as in 2016 it was on the 51st position then it downgraded to 59th in 2017 then 64th in 2018 and then climbed to 60th in 2019 securing 12th position among NITs, but this time it couldn’t make through even top 15 NITs and stood at 21st position among NITs.

The alumni of the National Institute of Technology had started a campaign to remove the Director of the institution. The former students had started a digital signature mission against the Director and had requested old and present students to submit their consent to dislodge him. The detail of the campaign would be later submitted to the MHRD minister for necessary action. They had the full support of Mr Anurag Thakur, Union Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs.

After a series petition, tweets, drafts, grievances and news reporting, the students of NITH win in confirming an enquiry against their Director regarding various irregularities pertaining to the down-gradation of the NIRF ranking.

Mr Thakur met the Ministry of HRD Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ on 2nd July regarding this matter. He urged him to look into the issue of recruitment of faculty and the downfall of rank as soon as possible. He quoted that several complaints were received in March, wherein it was alleged that merits were ignored in the appointment of faculty members and other positions. 

Mr Pokhriyaal has given the assurance for the investigation of the loopholes that are making the administration inefficient and proving out to be a malfunction.

As the budding youth, the alumni, students and the faculty have done a great job in changing the current scenario of the institute. It takes a lot to be expressive and revolt with your identity exposed.

This was a severe aid as the ranking was continuously falling which led to the downgrade of the quality of intake and also the financial assistance to the institution from various bodies including the World Bank and central government.

All the people did a great deed by sharing content in pictorial or written, which paved the way for the change and ignited in everyone to spirit to raise voice against the current situation.

The student body with the alumni created a platform to put their views against the current administration of the institute behind the petition that was started the PEOPLE of NITH.

The students of NITH are requested to follow the page and help them grow the community so that they can, in turn, help you with all your grievances in future. The aim is to create a platform where accountability can be ensured.

By binay