Ending some uncertainty for students, IIT Kanpur has decided to close the current semester (2019-20-II). As a one-time exception, all the students will be awarded grades for their courses based on mid-semester exams /quizzes/assignments/projects, etc. and other performance indicators obtained through online instruction during the suspension of the semester and as decided by the instructors.

In the special grading scheme adopted specifically for such extraordinary times, only A, B, C, and S grades will be awarded, thereby failing none. The grading for courses and thesis will be completed by June 30. There will be no terminations at the end of the semester.

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Additionally, the non-graduating years comprising the first, second, and third years of all the various courses have been given the option to appear in a re-examination to improve their grades.

The re-examination will be conducted as a one-time measure once the semester resumes. BTech/BS students in their final year, who wish to convert to Dual Degree will be permitted to do so.


Similarly, students currently pursuing a Masters degree, who are worthy enough, can also apply for conversion to a Ph.D. program. Considering the extraordinary disruption in the semester, including the summer term, the institute has decided to grant certain credit relaxations (as approved by the Senate) to the graduating batch to help the students graduate on time.

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The Masters’s students who were unable to complete their research work for Masters thesis due to the lockdown have been given the option to submit a Masters’s project report to enable them to graduate. Further details of the decisions of the Senate and various implementation aspects will be communicated to the students separately.

On the whole, IIT Kanpur Senate has adopted several extraordinary measures to help the anxious students (especially those in their graduating year) whose academics have been disrupted due to Covid19.

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As of now, no decision has been taken regarding the commencement of the next semester and allowing students into the hostels. We are working out details with a plan to ensure the safety and well being of all students of the campus. The details will be communicated with the students in this regard in due course.

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