Is our life so unsavory that just due to some small hurdles, we end it? Frankly speaking, suicide is never an option whatever the problems may be. We can’t even imagine that how many brilliant minds, we loose every year due to such steps taken by them. Another such bad news has come from IIT Gandhinagar where, one Ph. D scholar named Pieu Ghosh, pursuing her degree under the guidance of Dr. A L Chakraborty ended her life on 4th July 2020.

Pursuing Ph.D. from one of the top institutions of the country is a matter of pride but it has some dark sides too which no one knows. The reason for her to take such a big step was sheer work pressure from guide and deprivation from a patent that she was supposed to get from her 5 years of hard work, which meant simply torture and compel to work without getting what she deserved.

There was not any fact that demonstrated that she was not doing well in her course. She had many citations and works published in past years which depicted that how hard she was working as per her capabilities. Some of her successful works and citations which are worth to be mentioned are: –

  • Synthesis of Gold Nano rods with tunable surface Plasmon resonance foe near-infrared bio sensing applications.
  • Light controlled in-situ bidirectional tuning and monitoring of gold Nano rod Plasmon via oxidative etching with FeCl3.
  • Synthesis of Complex Nano-particle geometries via Ph.-controlled overgrowth of gold Nano rods.
  • Plasmonic CoO-Decorated Au nanorods for Photoelectrocatalytic Water oxidation.
  • Large and controllable light-induced shift of the longitudinal surface plasmonal resonance of gold nanorods submerged in hydroquinone solution.
  • Synthesis of Gold Nano droplets with field enhancement of 105 at their tips using a simple wet-chemical method and many more….

It’s a matter of sorrow to mention that our administration doesn’t cares about the mental condition and pressure and what we need for our work which lead us to take such steps. She was a good student working towards her degree but due to mental pressure, she decided to end her life because of the negativity that surrounded her.

Her Parents are helpless who can’t claim that her daughter didn’t commit suicide but it was pressure from her guide making her helpless and compelling her to take such a big step. These kinds of news are now not new, many years many college students.

senior Ph. D scholars lost their lives due to such mental issues and pressure where they are threatened by their heads for some small problems and issues for which if they get a chance can improve even better. Truly said, “We only care about outer expressions and what we see from outside, we don’t even try to see inner conditions, suffering and pain of a student by which he is currently going on.”

Likewise, a 10th standard girl ended her life; we can’t even imagine what might be going through her mind which made her take such a devastating step. The lack of amenities which made her think that she is lagging behind as compared to her counterparts which eventually made her think that it might hamper her future results, so the best way that came out was to end life

One of the students from our NIT community also ended her life. What might be her reason for ending her life; we are still unaware of it.

Our attitude towards other needs to be changed and the student community has to become active in order to lessen such kind of losses which are taking place in large number every year. If we wouldn’t take action now, that day wouldn’t be too far when we will be also suffering from same conditions.

Also, we should note that suicide is never an option to end all the shits going on in life, our parents have cared us and are always there for any problem in life, also there are our close friends with whom we can share each and everything. Sacrificing our lives gives those bad elements more power to do such activities again with others without regretting what they did. So, be strong and motivated and share your problems with your closed ones!!!

Suicide is NEVER an option!
Regardless of your situation, things do not stay the same. You may feel lost and confused, but the answers to your specific problems are out there. Focus on the facts of your situation and not your thoughts. No situation is hopeless. Your loved ones, friends, relatives, God, mental health counselors, priests, ministers, etc. are all excellent sources of help. They are all willing to help you, and they can make a difference, but you must be willing to take advantage of this help. Every problem has a solution. You have to find it.

By Nikita Mahoviya

A B.Tech sophomore, pursuing Dual Degree in ECE at NIT Hamirpur. An empathetic person which helped me to evolve as a writer.

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