There is an economic slowdown all over the world due to the circumstances arising from the corona infection. Various economic agencies have also predicted a drastic reduction in India’s economic growth during this period. Despite this, in this era of recession, students of IIT ISM Dhanbad have received record job offers from domestic and foreign companies.

So far, more than 70 students have been offered various national and international companies jobs. American company IBM, Walmart, Amazon and Microsoft, Australian company Goldman Cech have provided this opportunity to students of the institute under Pre Placement Offer (PPO).

The good thing for the students of ISM Dhanbad is that companies are giving jobs to students on high packages. In the same sequence, on Thursday, Huray Technology and Salesforce Company selected six students on a fantastic package. The Hurray Technology Company has offered a 42 lakh yearly package to Milind Rai, an student of electronics engineering.

At the same time, the Salesforce company has selected five students on a pay package of 34 lakhs. Apart from Abhinav Bajpai, a dual degree computer science student who received 34 lakh packages, Shivansh Awasthi of Computer Science Engineering, Somya Paul, Anushka Mittal, Suyesh Srivastava are included.

As many companies are taking PPOs during the lockdown, those companies have neither increased nor reduced their packages over the previous year. Let it be said that during the lockdown in IIT ISM, a large number of students are getting PPO, Off campus and Internship offers.

Campus placement activities are banned due to Corona. Over 200 students have received internship offers during this period. At the same time, many students have also been selected for higher education in foreign universities.

So far, 70 students have got PPO: The students of the year 2021 batch have got a better start to get PPO. However, PPO starts in August, but this time only in July, companies have started offering PPO. More than 70 students have received PPOs so far. The campus selection of the companies will be done from December 1. By the end of August this figure is likely to exceed one hundred.

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