IIEST Shibpur held an Emergency Meeting of the Senate on 30th May 2020, Many important Decisions were taken in the 15th Meeting of the Senate, Official Notice will be released soon:

General Secretary of Students’ Senate, IIEST SHIBPUR in a post said: “I know all of you may not be happy with all the decisions taken regarding marking evaluation weightages, but I want to tell you that these decisions have been taken in accordance with the suggestions from the faculty members and HODs also, and we have tried our best. The weightages had to be equal for every year.”

1. This Semester is declared CLOSED. There will be NO END-SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS held for any of the years. All the UG results will be declared by 15th July 2020.

2. M.Tech Students will be given the liberty to submit their thesis maybe at a later stage also. This will be be dealt in connection with the Mentor and HOD.

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3. Distribution of Marks in Theory Examinations will be 50% – From the best SGPA of the previous semesters, 30% – From the Mid-Semesters and 20% – From Assignments/Class Tests/Quizzes etc.

4. However, 30% and 20% which is to be dealt from Mid-Semester and Assignments/ClassTests/Quizzes, will be dealt on a lenient basis and on the departmental level, professor level.

5. Students having previous supplementary papers will be promoted to the next semester respectively, BUT THEY will have to APPEAR in the Supplementary examinations for the examinations which will be decided when things get well, and then only this semester results will be released.

6. Students who have not appeared in Mid-Semester examination will have to contact the respective professor and will be dealt with separately.

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7. Distribution of Marks in Laboratory Examinations will be 50% – From the best SGPA of the previous semesters and 50% – Internal Assessment (Viva and Lab Reports), which are already submitted or if not then will be dealt by Faculty members personally.

8. 50% Viva and Lab Reports will be dealt leniently, do not worry about that. Lab reports and every data will be uploaded on Central Repository and will reach each one of you. Viva will be based on that only. It may be Video Conferencing or telephonically and sufficient time will be given for preparation.

9. Regarding Project Submissions, It will be completely dependent on the project report submission and viva.

10. Regarding Grand Viva, it will be dealt by the Department and same maybe conducted according to the feasibility.

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11. Regarding Architecture Department Sessionals of final years, decision will be taken accordingly and will be dealt in connection with HOD and Controller of Examinations.

12. For PG or Research Scholar Students, whose thesis can not be modified to be completed at home, and need to have to come to institute, he/she may be allowed (ONLY AFTER LOCKDOWN IS OVER, OR MAYBE FROM JULY FIRST WEEK) to come to the institute with the permission of the supervisor, but he/she can not be allowed to stay in Hostel/Halls during their working time. They will have to make their own arrangements. They will have to come as a DAY-SCHOLAR.

13. The departments who are not having any mid-semesters examinations, 50% of the best SGPA from previous semesters and 50% from Teachers Assessment (Assignments/Class Performances).

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